Law Abiding Citizen

A man's family gets killed brutally. One of the killers gets caught, but after a plea bargain by chriminal attorney the killer gets free. The man, filled with rage, goes after the killer and many others.

Further Summary:

A prosecutor, Nick Rice (Foxx) finds himself in a revenge plot by someone who was traumatized by the legal system after the killer of his wife and child gets of free. He must confront a criminal mastermind and engineer, Clyde Shelton (Butler), who, from his prisoncell, keeps the whole city under his thumb. How does he do this? Nick tries to find out in a race against time..

QUALITIES:  fast phased action with a decent plot


  1. It's the second best movie in your blog.

    1. Well, I don't consider it one of the best movies in the database, but I would recommand it as a good actionmovie :)