Battle Royale

A class of ninthgraders is send to an island and given the instruction to fight eachother untill only one of them is left.

Further Summary:

A class of students is send to a small isolated island. Once there they get a map of the island, food and a random weapon (ranging from a stick to a gun). They are instructed to fight eachother. After 3 days only one person can be left or they will die. They all get to wear a collar. If after the third day there are still several people alive, all the collars will explode..

QUALITIES:  very creepy horrormovie, great to watch late at night with friends


  1. DUDE! i have to watch this movie now! it seems so good... thanks bro

  2. It looks really good... creepy but good.

  3. I have to see this. Thanks, mate!

  4. this movie was amazing