Fight Club

A guy and his friend start a club in which people can fight eachother.

Further Summary:

Office Manager Jack is looking for a way to get rid of his insomnia. First he tries to do so in visiting support groups where he meets  the drug addicted suicidle Marla Singer. Then he meets the anarchistic Tyler Durden who claims to be a soap maker. Together they start working on fighting clubs: groups of men who are tired of today's society and get rid of their anger and fears by fighting eachother. When the fight clubs become organized fighting machines to sabotage society , it starts to go completely out of control..

QUALITIES:  great plot, filmwork and overall movie style, Brad Pitt, Edward Norton, David Fincher

NOTE: Watch this movie a few  times and you'll be noticing all kinds of things you hadn't noticed before.


  1. One of my top favourite movies. The final scene with the pixies' song is amazing.

  2. i like this movie, it's old, but it still good

  3. Excelent movie, jesus!

  4. i watched this movie but i took it for granted. i better get to it :)

  5. seen this so many times

    1. I have seen it 40 times, have it on blueray & watched directors commentary.. I win. :)

  6. best... movie... EVAR!