What is this site

This is a movie suggestion site.

Ever feel like watching a movie (old or new) but don't really know a good one that you haven't watched yet?

Most of the time you will just look on some watchmovies.random site and pick the first movie you see. The problem is that nothing  assures you that this is actually going to be a good movie.  And I do mean a GOOD movie, one of those movies you watch and think about all week. Alot of the time, however, you will end up just watching another run-off-the-mill hollywood-prefabmovie that you might as well had never seen.

That's why I will update only good movies, every day So that when you feel like watching a movie, you know where to find a good one.

Please leave a comment when you saw one of the recommended movies to let others know what you thought.

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